Concrete Additions

If you are considering building a home or an addition to your home, there are many reasons to use concrete construction over wood construction. Namely, wood construction is not as cost-effective, nor energy efficient, in the long-term. While most think concrete additions and residential concrete construction is drastically more expensive than wood, there is concrete evidence that this is not the case. Generally, the additional costs associated with concrete construction range from only 0.5 to 4%. This is an initial investment that will pay off and pay for itself for many years, and extend the life or value of your home.

Clear Creek Concrete uses poured concrete, reinforced with rebar, for Concrete Additions and Residential Concrete Construction. We do not use concrete block construction because reinforced poured concrete produces stronger, more durable, and ultimately safer structures. Additionally, it’s more cost-effective and energy efficient, while creating more soundproof spaces, and allowing for more creative architectural design.

If you’re considering a poured concrete addition, or looking for residential concrete services, please reach out. We’d be happy to discuss your project and provide a Free Estimate for your needs.

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